Since its establishment in 2012, boohua has been creating ceramic jewelry for daily wear.

This ceramic jewelry is designed and assembled in Shanghai,
whilst all ceramic components are hand-crafted with only traditional methods in Jingdezhen.

The jewelry is created with sterling silver, gold, pearls and natural stone beads.

With sophisticated design and a sincere passion for its accessories,
boohua turns the most normal ceramic clay into miniature pieces of art, creating true beauty.





All the ceramic pieces are handmade in Jingdezhen –
the thousand-year-old ceramic industry city located 500KM away from Shanghai.

Although these miniature pieces are, all the handworking procedures are not to be skipped –
pugging, molding or sculpting, low-temperature firing, polishing,
washing, painting, glazing, high-temperature firing.
As a matter of fact, the smaller the sizes are, the more difficult it is to carry out all these work.

Our ceramic pieces are mostly burned in a high temperature of 1300 degrees celsius,
where no lead remains.
It is safe to wear them daily.















Care tips

Ceramics burned in high temperature is robust. Yet wear it as careful as your other jewelrys.
Please do not drop, punch on ceramic pieces.
Clean the glazed surface with a soft cloth soaked in water or glass cleansing when necessary.

Some of our sterling silvers is not coated for keeping the natural whiteness and brightness of silver.
The more it is worn, the shinier it becomes.
Seal them in the self-locking bag coming with packaging when you are not wearing them.

We use a good variety of pearls and other stone beads.
Do not wear the jewelry during swimming, bathing, showering, or on occasion of heavy sweating.

We would like to help repairing your jewelry.












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